Critical Acclaim for A Force More Powerful - the television series

"Journalistically, A Force More Powerful brings much honor to PBS and the individuals and groups that funded the film. The film is a work of art because, first, it is a work of fact."
Colman McCarthy, The National Catholic Reporter

Jim Hoagland, The Washington Post

The Wall Street Journal

"In a time when there are so few authentic heroes, A Force More Powerful shows all of us - young and old alike - people who take principled risks far beyond their own self-interest."
Nat Hentoff, Syndicated Columnist

"An important, carefully made, and fascinating documentary that investigates nonviolent resistance movements that have succeeded around the world."
The Christian Science Monitor

" in archival footage and thoughtful interviews....The stories are inspiring, sometimes awesome."
The Washington Post

"Expect more than a passive chronicle of nonviolence... A Force More Powerful's stark footage and personal stories add drama to the history of a 20th century movement."
Los Angeles Times

"Smartly made..."
L.A. Weekly

"A triumphant chronicle..."
Los Angeles Sentinel

"Splendid work. It explains and elucidates - just about the best missions that television can achieve."
The Hollywood Reporter

Awards for A Force More Powerful - the television series

Emmy Nomination - Outstanding Historical Program

Gold Hugo Award - Chicago International Television Competition

Chris Award - Columbus International Film and Video Festival

Silver Screen Award - U.S. International Film and Video Festival

Jan Karski Award for Films of Moral Courage

Telly Award

Critical Acclaim for A Force More Powerful - the film

"Outstanding... a veritable manual on how to mount a successful nonviolent resistance movement... ."
The Los Angeles Times

"...beautiful footage... this film is eloquent testimony to the power of the people's desire to be free."
Time Out New York

"...this is a lovely, rich documentary.a rousing look at 90-some years of nonviolence...."
Seattle Weekly

"A thoughtful new documentary that magnifies the moral victories of the 20th century... remarkable archival footage... there are no fictional characters or trumped up dialogue here; the filmmakers let participants speak in their own voices..."
The Christian Science Monitor

"...passionately instructive and ferociously interesting..."
Brent Simon, Entertainment Today

Awards for A Force More Powerful - the film

Gold Special Jury Award - WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

Moxie Award for Best Documentary - The Santa Monica International Film Festival

Official Selections: Seattle International Film Festival, Human Rights Watch Film Festival-London, Nashville Independent Film Festival, Maine International Film Festival, Newport Beach International Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, Santa Barbara Film Festival