Voted one of the Top Five games for Social Change in 2010!
“Improving and simplifying the formula established in A Force More Powerful, People Power puts you in a the position of a change agent in a small community.”


The New York Times/Taipei Times (July 23, 2006)
“What everyone's realizing is that games are really good at illustrating complex situations, and we have so many world conflicts that are at a standstill. Why not try something new?”
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The Christian Science Monitor (December 22, 2005)
“It’s a totally different style of’s ‘learn by doing.’
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“You can have a ‘what if’ approach. Play the same game several times, but try different things every time. You can’t do that with books.”
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Business Week Online (December 22, 2005)
“Support doesn’t mean much if fear is high. If they think there will be violence, protesters will stay home. I wanted to bring these ideas into the game.”
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