The three lessons in this section are meant to extend and reinforce the concepts presented in “A Force More Powerful” and are designed to be used in sequence, although each one may be used as part of another unit of study related to power and governance or the development of democratic institutions. When used in sequence, Lesson One is taught before students view the video. Lesson Two incorporates viewing segments of the video with other work, both in the classroom and outside of class. Lesson Three takes the students into “uncharted territory” where they are asked to apply what they have learned in the first two lessons to a new situation.

These lessons were written for high school instruction in government, political science, history, law, and other social sciences. We welcome your feedback on the lessons. Please give us your comments at

Lesson plans below were written by Christine A. Allen, Educational Consultant -- Curriculum Developer, Allen Educational Consultations, LLC, Salem, OR

Christine Allen has been a high school social studies teacher for 32 years, retiring from the classroom in October 1999. During that time, she taught a variety of courses, wrote numerous curriculums and participated in various district curriculum committees. Ms Allen is a specialist in Global Education, Asian Studies and also taught history and economics. She wrote the curriculum and WebPages for the state Model United Nations program as well as writing online curriculum for her school district. She continues to work with the Oregon High School International Relations League Model United Nations program.

Ms Allen is an active member of the National Council for the Social Studies, currently serving on the NCSS Board of Directors.

Lesson Plan 1

Lesson Plan 2

Lesson Plan 3